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Food ordering is a big community now, the benefits of ordering food is quite familiar to us.

Even while we are at home, we might not feel like cooking and still not feel like eating unhealthy oily and greasy food either. At these times, we will be your perfect partner for vanishing your hunger in the healthiest and tastiest way possible. Earlier ordering food wasn’t so much availed, as now it is so easy, it is just a step away from us.
When students/workers/individuals etc, they might have problems with eating arrangement as everyone will not know cooking. Keeping that in mind, Rassoi Home foods came up with this package for students which include 30days of meals, where the person just have to pay for the food of 28 days and the rest 2 days, will be our pleasure to offer you for free.

At Rassoi Home food, our motto is to deliver you the best home-made food which gives you the nutrition of the home-cooked meal and be convenient to you and be a timesaver in your busy schedule. We believe in empowering small independent of all ages with their passion for cooking and feeding others. We believe in trust and loyalty to our customers


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